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We are pleased to present our offer for dentists and students. Our practice offers you the opportunity to get a taste of everyday practice and gain valuable experience.

Thanks to our focus on tooth preservation and our specialization in endodontics and traumatology, as well as the advanced technologies used in our dental practice, we can offer you a comprehensive insight into state-of-the-art endodontics. Our expertise and modern technologies allow us to treat complex endodontic cases and provide our patients with the best possible care. We are proud to provide you with in-depth knowledge and insight into this specialty during your shadowing experience.

As a dental practice, we work closely with university hospitals to advance research and education in dentistry. We are proud to have been recognized by the Carl Gustav Medical Faculty of the TU Dresden as a well-known and high-quality dental practice. As a university dental shadowing practice, we actively support teaching and demonstrate how modern dentistry can make a greater contribution to dental conservation in Germany.

Contents of the hospitation

Dental microscopy treatments

During your observation, treatments will be performed with the use of a dental microscope.

As part of the observation, you will have the opportunity to follow the treatment on a monitor.

Treatments are discussed in detail and various cases are discussed. We look forward to an exchange and interested collaboration to provide you with the best possible learning environment.

Effective & gentle treatment

During your observation, you will also have the opportunity to get to know our mechanical root canal preparation.

Compared to traditional manual preparation, machine preparation enables better cleaning and disinfection of the root canal, which leads to a higher success rate in root canal treatment.

3D Imaging – DVT

As part of your job shadowing, you will also have the opportunity to get to know our digital volume tomography (DVT). With this method, we can generate three-dimensional images of the jaw and teeth, which allow more accurate diagnosis and planning of treatments.

DVT is indispensable, especially in complex cases and before implantological procedures. We will be happy to show you how this technology works and how it is used in practice. By sitting in on a dental appointment with us, you will not only gain insight into the use of DVT, but also into other modern technologies used in dentistry.

Endodontics Kiel

The Wurzelwerk

Our dental practice in Kiel offers a wide range of dental preservation and treatment services. We place special emphasis on the preservation of natural teeth and the prevention of dental diseases.

As a qualified internship practice for dental students and dentists, we would also like to share our expertise in the field of modern technologies and treatment methods. During your job shadowing with us, you will have the opportunity to get to know and use our modern equipment such as digital volume tomography and the dental microscope.

Dentist treatment waiting area
Endodontics Kiel Düsternbrook

Modern dentistry

Gentle technologies

We are particularly proud of our specialization in endodontics and traumatology, which allows us to offer gentle and advanced forms of treatment. With the help of the dental microscope we can treat your teeth gently and achieve very good results. Digital volume tomography allows us to identify and target deeper problems to avoid unnecessary treatment.

So, if you are a dentist or dental student who would like to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of modern tooth preservation, we will be happy to train you in our dental practice.

Frequently asked questions about hospitation

When is the best time to observe during dental school?

The best time to visit a dental practice is during the clinical semesters of dental school. During this time, students have already acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and can apply it in practice.

Job shadowing gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience and deepen their knowledge. During the clinical semesters, students also have the opportunity to learn about different specialties in dentistry and prepare specifically for their future career focus. Therefore, we encourage students to apply for shadowing during clinical semesters.

How do I register for an internship?

If you are interested in a job shadowing in our dental practice, please feel free to apply by e-mail. Please write us an informal e-mail with a short appointment request.

Is it possible to bring patients from your own treatment for observation?

Yes, it is possible to bring your own patients for treatment in our practice. We recommend that you make an appointment with us in advance so that we can allow sufficient time for the diagnosis or treatment.

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