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Gentle & precise treatments

Modern and clinically proven treatments at your dentist in Kiel, Germany

Microscopic tooth preservation and microscopic root canal treatment are modern treatment methods offered by our dental practice in Kiel. These methods allow us to maintain the health of your teeth through precise and gentle treatments.

Microscopic root canal treatment is an innovative technique offered by our practice in Kiel. This method allows us to clean the root canals of your teeth precisely and thoroughly to relieve inflammation and pain. By using a surgical microscope, we can more carefully examine and treat the root canals for successful healing.

Microscopic tooth preservation is another advanced technique that allows us to place smaller fillings and maintain the health of the surrounding tissue. This method is often used for early signs of tooth decay to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Our experienced and qualified dentists in Kiel have the necessary expertise and state-of-the-art technology to perform these treatments. We place great emphasis on protecting your teeth and achieving a positive treatment result.

If you are interested in microscopic tooth preservation or microscopic root canal treatment, contact us. For a consultation and to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists in Kiel, you can conveniently use our online appointment booking or contact us by phone.Our practice in Kiel is available to help you maintain and improve your dental health at the most modern level.

Advantages of microscopic treatments & digital volume tomography

Detailed examination & targeted treatment

One of the greatest advantages of microscopic root canal treatment is the ability to examine the root canals in detail and treat them in a targeted manner.

By using a surgical microscope, dentists can view root canals in high resolution and better illumination. Accordingly, hidden or hard-to-reach areas can be treated in this way.

Effective & gentle treatment

By using microscopic techniques, the dentist can perform a more thorough cleaning of the root canals with fine instruments and targeted disinfections, which can lead to a higher success rate in healing.

3D Imaging – DVT

Beyond the use of a dental microscope, we are one of the few dental practices in Kiel to offer imaging using digital volume tomography. This modern technology allows us to create detailed and precise 3D images of your teeth and jaws in order to identify deeper-seated problems and treat them more specifically and thus more gently.


The dental microscope & digital volume tomography
– the modern dental treatment in Kiel

The use of a dental microscope allows our dentist to view the teeth and surrounding tissues in high magnification and treat them more precisely. If you are interested, our dentist can watch the recordings together with you or you can follow the treatment via a screen on the ceiling. Thanks to our specialization and technical capabilities, we can detect the smallest damage or anomalies at an early stage and treat them in a targeted manner. Consequently, costly treatments can be avoided and teeth can be preserved as naturally as possible.



Due to the specialization of our dentist and the comprehensive set of instruments, we offer a comprehensive range of services:


  • Assessment of the possibilities of tooth preservation
  • Fracture evaluation and treatment
  • Assessment of the tooth preservation apparatus for implants
  • 3D images by means of digital volume tomography


    Microscopic root canal treatments

    • Microscopy-assisted root canal treatments with up to 25x magnification
    • Further treatment of root canal treatments as well as root canal search
    • Revision of unsuccessful root canal treatments
    • Removal of pin abutments, fractured instruments or other foreign bodies.

    More about root canal treatments


    Internal bleaching

    Internal bleaching is a procedure for whitening teeth that are clouded by discoloration from the inside. This discoloration can be caused by bleeding and other decomposition products from the inside of the tooth. The procedure involves the application of substances that are applied to the inside of the affected tooth to remove the discoloration. Internal bleaching can successfully remove discoloration that cannot be achieved by external treatments of teeth.


    Digital volume tomography

    In combination with digital volume tomography, diagnostics and treatments can be performed in a very precise and targeted manner. After 3D imaging, the dentist can discuss the results with you, offer an individually suitable treatment and act very precisely and minimally invasive thanks to the dental microscope.

    Glossary microscopic tooth preservation


    A dental microscope is a special optical instrument used in dentistry to view teeth and surrounding tissues at high magnification. It consists of a combination of a microscope and a special illumination unit and is used by dentists to make more precise diagnoses and perform treatments. It enables dentists to detect and target the smallest damage or anomalies at an early stage and to perform more precise and gentle treatments. A dental operating microscope also increases patient safety by allowing treatments to be planned and performed more accurately.

    Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a state-of-the-art X-ray technology in our dental practice in Kiel. It makes it possible to create detailed and precise 3D images of teeth and the jaw. This allows our dentists to detect and target deeper problems such as root canal lesions, cysts and other pathologies early on, as well as plan implants or other surgical procedures. The images are immediately available and enable fast and effective diagnosis and treatment. It is also very safe for the patient as the radiation exposure is very low.

    One of the most modern forms of treatment in our dental practice is microscopic root canal treatment. This form of treatment enables the dentist to clean root canals precisely and thoroughly, as well as to relieve inflammation and pain. With the help of the surgical microscope, the root canals can be viewed in high magnification and hidden or difficult-to-access areas can be discovered. This allows you to provide effective and safe treatment. If you are interested in microscopic root canal treatment, our dentist in Kiel will be happy to discuss the options with you individually.

    Our tooth preservation concept

    “You can only treat what you see. And you can only see it if you know what to look for!”

    Our experienced dentists place great emphasis on preserving your natural teeth.
    We also perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and create
    you an individual treatment plan in order to identify any problems at an early stage and to treat them in a targeted manner.

    An important component of our tooth preservation concept is the use of modern technologies such as digital volume tomography
    and the dental microscope, which allow us to identify and treat deeper problems.


    • Thanks to specialization in endodontics and traumatology, our dentist offers advanced and gentle forms of treatment for our patients
    • The use of a dental microscope and digital volume tomography we offer a high quality of treatment
    • Imaging can avoid unnecessary treatments
    • With the help of the dental microscope we can treat your teeth gently and achieve very good results

    Frequently asked questions about microscopic tooth preservation

    What distinguishes treatment with a dental microscope from regular dental treatments?

    The dental microscope enables detailed diagnosis and control of dental and jaw problems. The magnification of the working surface by up to 25 times enables the dentist to precisely recognize and analyze even the smallest structure. The variable magnification allows him to optimally examine every area of the mouth.

    Optimal illumination of the treatment area enables the dentist to assess the teeth and gums precisely and to treat them in a targeted manner. Thanks to the minimally invasive treatment methods made possible by the microscope, the therapy can be performed more gently. This results in precise and high quality therapy that maximizes the patient’s well-being.

    Due to the high quality of therapy provided by the microscope, the restoration of teeth is also performed more precisely and gently. This results in a higher quality restoration and a longer durability of the treated area.

    Overall, the dental microscope helps to increase the quality of dental treatment and ensure the well-being of the patient. It is an indispensable tool in the modern dentist’s daily routine.

    What can digital volume tomography do?

    Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a state-of-the-art X-ray technology that makes it possible to create detailed and precise 3D images of teeth and jaws. Our dentists can thus evaluate deeper problems such as root canal lesions, cysts, tumors, wisdom teeth, jaw anomalies, as well as assess bone availability for implants and other surgical procedures, and offer you the most suitable form of treatment for your individual needs. Humans are exposed to 4,000 Sv annually, and a DVT scan is comparatively low, with values of 100 – 150 Sv. The images are immediately available and enable fast and effective diagnosis and treatment.

    What are the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry?

    Minimally invasive dentistry is a method of dentistry that involves the least amount of dental surgery possible to treat dental and jaw problems. This method aims to keep the burden on the patient as low as possible while ensuring a high quality of therapy.

    One example of minimally invasive dentistry is the treatment of caries using modern, high-quality filling materials that require less removal of healthy tooth substrate. Another example is the use of dental microscopes in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and jaw problems to enable precise and gentle treatment.

    In general, minimally invasive dentistry aims to preserve and protect the natural structures of the jaw as much as possible in order to improve the patient’s quality of life and increase the durability of therapeutic results.

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