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Wurzelwerk Dental Office offers a variety of dental services and procedures to meet all of our patients’ dental needs. Thanks to the combination of many years of experience of our dentists in research and treatment, specialization in endodontics and traumatology, as well as the modern technology of the dental practice, we are able to provide gentle and the best possible care to patients of all ages.

Our dentists and dental assistants are trained to not only treat patients, but to identify the overriding cause of common dental problems and treat them.

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Dental fillings and dentures

Tooth conservation can help prevent further damage and rebuild your natural teeth. Dental fillings are often used to treat tooth fractures and caries.

Dental fillings and dentures are procedures to improve the overall function (chewing ability, TMJ, speech) and aesthetics of your teeth.


Gentle treatments

We use long-standing clinically proven bonding technologies, state-of-the-art techniques and materials for long-term preservation of your teeth. Thanks to the comprehensive capabilities of our dental office and experienced dentists, major dental procedures can often be avoided.

For example, nowadays we can treat incipient caries without drilling and thus preserve the tooth structure.

Conservative Dentistry

If any of the signs appear, we recommend you to see a dentist:

  • Frequent bleeding gums
  • Visible plaque
  • Sensitive teeth
  • TMJ pain
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Reddened gums
  • Yellowish secretion – pus
  • Frequent bad breath
  • Dental accident
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Toothache

If a whole tooth or a part of a tooth is broken off, please bring it to the dentist. Storage in special tooth rescue boxes, UHT milk or saliva increases the chances of preserving the tooth.

Dental preservation in Kiel

In this process, certain caries defects are treated without drilling and the tooth structure can be preserved. Gentle treatment, long-term tooth preservation and natural esthetic results are our goal.

We believe it is important to take time and plan individualized treatment with our patients to listen, to truly understand each individual’s needs, goals and oral health. Thanks to our experienced dentists, we can offer you solutions that will improve their health and give you a bright smile.


Dental fillings and filling materials

We use only high-quality filling materials in tooth preservation. Furthermore, we use various plastic materials for the restoration of anterior and posterior teeth, which, in addition to long-term tooth preservation, enable optimal esthetic results. Partial transparency and a wide range of matching tooth shades give us the possibility to achieve individual and very natural results. This is particularly important for the restoration of anterior teeth.

In addition to aesthetic aspects, we also take into account that different forces exist in the jaw during chewing. The degree of caries and existing restorations of your teeth also play an important role in the joint planning of your therapy. A natural chewing feeling, long-term tooth preservation and aesthetic results are what we want to achieve for our patients.


Certain treatments without drilling

Our dentists offer a state-of-the-art dental infiltration system called Icon. This therapy can be used for the treatment of incipient caries as well as for cosmetic purposes. In this process, certain caries defects are treated without drilling and the tooth structure can be preserved.

Thanks to the many years of experience of our dentists and work in research, we can offer our patients a wide and proven range of treatments, ranging from preventive care, such as dental cleanings (prophylaxis), to gentle therapies, comprehensive treatments and regular aftercare.



Laboratory fabricated restorations

Laboratory-made restorations such as inlays, onlays and dental crowns are used for more severely damaged teeth that cannot be restored with dental filling materials or the infiltration technique. They are used to protect the remaining tooth structure and restore the natural chewing sensation.

We offer a wide repertoire of different materials such as highly esthetic ceramics, metal and acrylics for the optimal restoration. For the production we cooperate with specialized dental laboratories in Kiel. In an individual consultation, we will work with you to find the right restoration for long-term tooth preservation.


Root canal-

Certain tooth defects and forms of caries require root canal treatment to ensure long-term tooth preservation. Thanks to Dr. Christofzik’s specialization in endodontics and traumatology, we offer our patients a choice of the best treatment options currently available in tooth preservation.

More about root canal treatments

Dental preservation glossary


A crown is a custom-made and permanent restoration. It is placed over a prepared tooth like a hollow, tooth-shaped cap. The crown can be made of different materials, which offer different advantages depending on the material. Our dentists will be happy to advise you and find the right solution together with you.

Dental bridges make it possible to replace missing teeth. They offer the more comfortable option compared to prostheses. However, the adjacent teeth must be ground down for the restoration. Here again, implants offer the higher-quality restoration. The neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down for implants. At Wurzelwerk Dental Practice we offer our patients dental bridges, implants and other suitable restorations.

A veneer is a thin, custom-made ceramic shell that is applied to tooth surfaces. The color and shape are adapted to the neighboring teeth, resulting in a very natural appearance. Veneers are used to correct discolored, misshapen, crooked or chipped teeth. They are also an effective solution to close smaller gaps between teeth.

Our tooth preservation concept

  • Thanks to the modern equipment of the dental office we offer a wide range of treatments for the preservation of your teeth
  • Many years of clinical experience, work in research and the specialization of our dentists allow to achieve the best result together with you
  • Gentle treatments and the preservation of your natural teeth are important to us

Frequently asked questions about tooth preservation

What are the advantages of composite over amalgam fillings?

Composite (plastic-based) fillings offer the advantage that teeth can be restored to your natural appearance. Impressive results can be achieved, particularly in the anterior region. Another advantage is the absence of mercury. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is harmful to health. If you would like to learn more about the types of dental fillings, please feel free to make an appointment at our dental practice in Kiel Düsternbrook.

Which form of denture is suitable for me?

Our dentists know how important choice is. Each patient has a slightly different goal, a different genetic basis, and different lifestyle habits. Existing restorations, the condition of your teeth, regular teeth grinding, aesthetic aspects and many other factors determine which tooth replacement option is the best solution for you. That’s why we take the time to ask questions, get to know you, and introduce you to different options.

How long does a dental bridge last?

The survival time of a dental bridge varies. It depends on the material of the restoration, preventive treatments (professional teeth cleaning), daily habits and other factors. Since the natural teeth on which the bridge is supported determine the stability of the bridge, you must keep your teeth healthy. We recommend that you come to our dental practice in Kiel once or twice a year for professional teeth cleaning and dental check-ups. The dentist can determine the best rhythm with you individually and give you tips for further care. Professional teeth cleaning is the basis for the long-term preservation of your teeth. If you have any problems with your oral health, we will be happy to fix them. In this way, we make it possible for your mouth to remain in top health and not require any further restorations.

Can dental implants replace my dentures and what are the advantages of implants?

Yes, at Wurzelwerk Dental Practice we regularly place implants. This is particularly recommended for patients who are reluctant to wear removable dentures. Implants represent a permanent and very comfortable restoration. Dental implants are modeled after the natural tooth. Regular dentures, on the other hand, can slip and offer less comfort and aesthetics. Switching to implants makes it easier to speak and eat. Wearing other types of dentures can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. However, this bone is important for implants. We can determine bone density directly in our practice thanks to modern imaging methods. In addition, there are ways to rebuild the jawbone. Our dentists will be happy to advise you.

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